How to Make Chores Fun

child having fun

Chores and fun can’t be put in the same sentence, right? Wrong! Even the most mundane of tasks can be turned into an exciting challenge. Find out how you can transform chores from a boring activity to exciting family time.

Crank Up The Jams

Find songs that everyone loves to sing and dance to, or suggest that everyone takes a turn choosing the song. A good beat can make cleaning fly by! Turn mops into microphones and cleaning supplies into dramatic props.

Make A Checklist

Write out all the tasks for the day on a whiteboard or piece of paper that everyone can see, and whenever your child completes a task, let him mark it as completed with a highlighter or sticker. Your children will feel confident knowing that he helped make a change to the list himself. This might even make him eager to cross out the most chores first! 


Who doesn’t love a bit of incentive? Whether it’s a favorite candy bar or picking what you’re having for dinner, choosing fun rewards incites eagerness to continue finishing tasks. Place stickers on the checklist and write the child’s name next to the completed task. How you offer rewards is up to you! You can give prizes for more standard categories like “Most Tasks Completed,” or you could choose silly categories that your children don’t expect, like “Shiniest Mopped Floors,” “Cleanest Smelling Bedroom,” or “Most Organized Shoes.”

Challenges and Games

Turn your trash can or laundry basket into a basketball hoop, and see who can toss the most trash or clothes into it. You can also challenge a family member to a window-cleaning off (make sure you find an impartial judge), or turn laundry folding into a race.

Nicer Cleaning Supplies

A gross dusting cloth or a boring plate scrubber is enough to turn anyone’s nose up at getting involved with cleaning! Consider swapping out your old cleaning supplies for bright new ones. Get a funny sponge with a face on it, a counter spray that smells amazing, or a cleaning cloth covered in your child’s favorite animal. 

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