Keep Your Child Motivated

child from Daytona Beach Schools

Sometimes, getting your child to do their homework and study can feel as though you’re herding cats. Even children with the best of intentions are easily distracted, and when left to their own devices, they might move on to other activities. Here are some tips to keep your child motivated as she studies!

Create A Study Space 

Beds are associated with bedtime, couches with television time, and dining tables with meals and snacks. These locations aren’t prime places for your child to study! It’ll be too difficult to dissociate these other activities with where she’s trying to focus on school. Set up a desk somewhere quiet and with minimal distractions. That way, when your child works there, it’ll be easier for her brain to transition into “study mode.”

Listen to Them

While it’s wonderful to give your child advice, it’s important to ask for her input in every situation. She’ll feel more encouraged to share her frustrations and ask for help. Listen to what she says, empathize with her discouragement, and help her create a plan to tackle challenges.

Rewards and Boundaries

Help your child set up her own boundaries and rewards so that she learns the value of being self-motivated. Maybe she won’t read her new book until she’s studied for an hour, or maybe she won’t watch any TV until she’s written at least two pages of her paper due next week. Guide your child toward appropriate rewards, but make sure she plays a large part in choosing them. 

Keep Organized

Clutter can be a source of stress, so make sure the study environment is comfortable and clean. Keep a large calendar on the wall so your child can write down important deadlines. Set up “backpack cleaning time” at the end of each week. Consider getting an accordion folder or large binder for each child, and on Fridays, help her organize any leftover papers or returned tests into said folder. 

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