Benefits of Community Service

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By getting out of their comfort zone and stepping into the world around them, students get a chance to utilize their classroom knowledge outside of school. Volunteering helps children expand their knowledge of the needs of their community, which is why out Volusia private schools encourage students to volunteer. Learn about the benefits of getting involved in community service and how it prepares your child for future success. 

Community Awareness

Children, by nature, live in their own worlds. When they start dedicating free time to helping out in the community, they learn about the challenges people face across the world— or even just across the city. They expand their worldview and become interested in social justice. The more they know about the struggles others face, the more compelled they become to make a difference.

Compassion for Others

Along with this awareness, children find themselves with increased compassion. It can be hard for children to relate to problems they’ve never seen or experienced themselves. As they get more involved in community service, they become more connected to and educated on the issues. This helps children develop empathy and learn how to see things through different perspectives.

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Effective Communication

When your child is younger, you might be by her side as you volunteer together. But as your child grows, she’ll start volunteering on her own. She will learn how to speak for herself without a parent present, how to share her ideas, and how to ask for help. Children have to learn how to effectively communicate with fellow volunteers, regardless of their age, as well as the leaders in the organization they’re helping.

Emphasis on Teamwork

Volunteers don’t usually work completely solo. Many community service scenarios require working with others. This gives your child the opportunity to practice teamwork, take responsibility for her actions, foster her decision-making skills, and bond with her team in a unique way. By doing this, she will learn how to partner with different types of people to work toward a common goal.

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Leadership Skills

Students who participate in community service are given opportunities to step into leadership roles. They learn how to train and empower teams, delegate tasks, give constructive feedback, and develop relationships. Through volunteering, she will learn how to lead and how to follow, which will prepare her for the future. 

Think About the Future

As we’ve all experienced, it’s not all about what you know— it’s also about who you know. Volunteering is a fantastic way for your child to meet new people and expand her social circle. The people she volunteers with could lead to a future job opportunity, be a source of ideas, or make a personal recommendation to a future employer. Volunteering will also teach her networking skills that will be valuable later in life.

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