How to Help Your Child Relate to the Bible

Your child has never been swallowed by a whale, built an ark, or led thousands of slaves out of Egypt — how is she supposed to relate to Biblical characters who led lives she can’t understand? By taking these few steps, you can help your child understand and relate to the Bible. Stop and Review […]

STREAM to Prepare a Child For Success

What do young children need to prepare them for success as adults? Our answer is STREAM: science, technology, religion, engineering, arts, and math. The combination of science, arts, and religion give children strong building blocks that help them become responsible adults who possess a strong educational background and a moral compass that points to Jesus. […]

Keep Your Child Motivated

Sometimes, getting your child to do their homework and study can feel as though you’re herding cats. Even children with the best of intentions are easily distracted, and when left to their own devices, they might move on to other activities. Here are some tips to keep your child motivated as she studies! Create A […]

How to Make Chores Fun

Chores and fun can’t be put in the same sentence, right? Wrong! Even the most mundane of tasks can be turned into an exciting challenge. Find out how you can transform chores from a boring activity to exciting family time. Crank Up The Jams Find songs that everyone loves to sing and dance to, or […]

Why Parents Choose Volusia Catholic Schools

Selecting the right school for your child is an important decision. We believe in providing an inclusive, faith-filled environment where students are challenged and actively engaged in exploration, discovery, and inquiry, whether they are taking classes in person or via livestream learning. Discover how choosing Volusia County Catholic Schools sets the foundation for a lifetime […]

The Strength of Mother Mary

Mary, the Mother of God, is much more than Jesus’ mother. As a mother to all, she represents hope, strength, trust, and obedience to God’s plan. During Advent, take time to reflect on this historic woman and her contributions to the Catholic faith.  A Great Sacrifice Mary accepted a heavy burden when she said “yes” […]

Texting Program Helps Those in Crisis 24/7

When a cluster of teen suicides in 2012 shocked residents of Lake Forest, an affluent suburb of Chicago, neighbors came together to determine what they were missing and how they could help. Among those was Andy Duran, executive director of LEAD, a local non-profit drug prevention organization.  In 2014, as a result of this meeting, […]

Explore the Outdoors in Volusia County

There’s plenty to do in Volusia County! Whether your interests are extreme or relaxed, you can find an outdoor activity that’s perfect for your family, especially with social distancing in place. Get in the car with your family, and get ready to spend the day at one of these fantastic locations. Blue Spring State Park […]

Developing Presentation Skills

While confident public speaking is a crucial skill, it’s also an incredibly common fear. Ormond Beach schools believe that equipping young children with strong speaking and presentation skills can set them up for success, both professionally and academically. We have a few tips to help your child feel prepared, relaxed, and confident during his school […]

Fun Ways to Teach Children About Money

Money can’t buy happiness, but managing money properly can save us from a lot of stress! It’s important for all ages to learn money management skills. Ormond Beach private schools understand that teaching young children to be financially responsible gives them a foundation to become smart, responsible adults. Here are a few fun ways that […]