Explore the Outdoors in Volusia County

There’s plenty to do in Volusia County! Whether your interests are extreme or relaxed, you can find an outdoor activity that’s perfect for your family, especially with social distancing in place. Get in the car with your family, and get ready to spend the day at one of these fantastic locations. Blue Spring State Park […]

Developing Presentation Skills

While confident public speaking is a crucial skill, it’s also an incredibly common fear. Ormond Beach schools believe that equipping young children with strong speaking and presentation skills can set them up for success, both professionally and academically. We have a few tips to help your child feel prepared, relaxed, and confident during his school […]

Fun Ways to Teach Children About Money

Money can’t buy happiness, but managing money properly can save us from a lot of stress! It’s important for all ages to learn money management skills. Ormond Beach private schools understand that teaching young children to be financially responsible gives them a foundation to become smart, responsible adults. Here are a few fun ways that […]

Benefits of a Small Class Size

We look forward to students returning to school in the 2020-2021 new school year.  When students are back in the classroom, they can comfortably learn in a structured environment centered around small class sizes.  A small class size provides your child with many benefits. Smaller classes result in more individualized attention, increased student participation, and […]

Volusia Catholic Schools have announced their reopening dates after the storm. Thursday, September 5th: Father Lopez Catholic High School and St. Peter Catholic School will reopen. Friday, September 6th: Basilica School of St. Paul, Lourdes Academy, Sacred Heart Catholic School, and St. Brendan Catholic School will reopen. We look forward to school resuming for our […]

Volusia Catholic Schools Closure and Reopening Update

Due to Hurricane Dorian, Volusia County Catholic Schools will be closed Tuesday, Sept. 3 through Thursday, Sept. 5th. We follow Volusia County Public Schools closure policy in determining when to close our schools. Additional closure dates are pending Volusia County Public Schools announcements. Our Volusia Catholic Schools reopen on an individual basis as quickly as […]

The Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering is an enriching, fulfilling experience that can strengthen your connection with God as well as with those around you. Helping your local and global community is a part of answering God’s call to love others, and volunteering to better the world helps both those in need and the volunteers themselves! Improving the Community The […]

Florida Tax Credit Scholarships Florida Tax Credit Scholarships makes Catholic education a reality for thousands of families and contributes to the success of Catholic schools.