Welcome to Volusia Catholic Schools

Selecting the right school is a very important decision. Give your child a quality education in the faith-filled and nurturing environment of a Volusia Catholic school. Our Catholic schools’ challenging curriculum integrates technology, promotes creativity, and actively engages students in exploration and inquiry. Our dedicated teachers encourage every child to reach his or her full potential in academic proficiency, social development, and spiritual growth.

From Pre-K through 12th grade, students receive enrichment in religion, foreign language, fine arts, computer science, and physical education. Our schools’ hands-on approach to learning incorporates interactive white boards, iPads, laptops, and state-of-the-art science and computer labs

A diverse range of activities, clubs, and athletics bring balance to the academic life of our students. Students discover their God-given talents and gifts, learn the value of teamwork, and build self-esteem. The knowledge and principles that our students acquire in a Catholic school prepare them with the problem solving and leadership skills for success in college and career. Moreover, students emerge with a moral foundation and a higher sense of purpose for social justice, service, and ministry.

Our educational standards are unrivaled. The Father Lopez Class of 2018 was awarded $5.2 Million in college scholarships with a 100% college acceptance rate. A Catholic education provides your child with values and moral decision skills for life. Come visit our Volusia Catholic schools to discover the difference a Catholic education will make in the life of your child.